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For Trade: Sega 32X, CIB Wico, Saturn PAR, Phantasy Star IV


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For trade here is my own Sega 32X. I bought it on a whim last January, but I can't really justify owning one given how few games there are, the pain of having it hooked up with my Genesis/Sega CD at the same time, and how it forces me to use composite instead of the component that my Genesis has been modded for. I'm better off just trading this and emulating the 36 games it has. Works fine, I had no issues with it. Here's my trade interests:


INTV games (Tower of Doom, Thunder Castle, Hoverforce, Slam Dunk Basketball, Slap Shot Hockey, Pac Man)

AV Modded Light Sixer VCS

Atari VCS Homebrew/Repro carts

Mario Bros for Atari XE

Good, loose original B/W GB or GBA games






Here is a CIB Wico Bat Handle I bought NIB. Great condition, works perfectly, has controller, box, cardboard insert, and manual.





Here is a CIB Saturn Pro Action Replay, lets you play import games on your Saturn, is a memory backup, and works as a 4MB RAM cart.




Last is a loose copy of Phantasy Star IV for the Genesis.




More items coming soon.

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Genesis outputs RGB to 32x for video overlay, 32x has its own video encoder for output. It is easy enough to mod it for S-Video and component from there. But nothing wrong with wanting to sell it anyway :D


I don't have any mod skills and I don't have the desire to hire someone to do it for me. I like the games on it enough, but it's another AC adapter, stock video is not great, and most of the games I like on it have some sort of equivalent on the Saturn. It's a nice machine, but not worth holding onto, for me at least.


Of note, I only have the AV IN linking cable for the model 2 Genesis. If you only have a model 1, you'll need to find the cable adapter or get a handmade cable from a site like gametrog.

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