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Anyone have any unique classic gaming controller add-ons?


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Just landed my latest episode of Wired-Up Retro on Youtube this morning- all about 2nd Gen classic game controller add-ons. I have a pretty good number of Atari, Intellivision, Colecovision accessories in my collection and wondered- from the group we have here- which ones are your favorites? Are you a fan of the Champ Keypad for Colecovision? Maybe the Booster Grip makes you want to play 2600 Omega Race more than the rest of em.... or could it be that you own something nobody else has and want to share a pic here?


Here's the presentation:

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As for controller add-ons, I've got some Grabber Balls and Stik Stands for the Atari joystick, as well as some TriggerSticks--I think that's what they're called--that fit over the joystick to turn it into thumb/trigger-button style joystick (the thumb "button" is essentially a spring-loaded rod that runs down the stick with a piece on the end that, in turn, pushes down on the fire button...yes, it's as goofy as it sounds). None of them are especially useful. In fact the TriggerSticks are pretty much useless, being tall, flimsy, haphazard affairs. But they're really cool artifacts from the simpler, wilder days of gaming. :)

I also have quiet a few strange "standalone" controllers.

My INTV Super Pro System wants a set of the INTV clip-on joystick adapters, though.

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Bassguitari- yep, the Trigger Stik add-on was not good (I even talked about my disappointment with it back in the early 80s in my video).... but- it still is cool to own these kind of relics :)


Osgeld- I know about the NES slide-ons, but what are the ones for the Genesis called?

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