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In March I was making a series of short 11 minute films, a TV show except it's not airing anywhere, called "My History Teacher Ate Lemons." I had about three episodes done when my computer died. All I had backed up on an SD card were videos for the show. Well, last night, I went to work making new episodes with what I had. I also filmed some new stuff. I am back to where I was before, with three episodes completed. I decided to back them up on a disc, but the disc will only be accessible if I have Roxio installed. Which should be fine. I think the Roxio disc is around here somewhere. And if I can't find it, I'll just go to Best Buy and rebuy it. Hopefully that will work. But I would like to finish the first season, if you will, by the end of the month. The computer I have now that I am using to make the show has Vista running on it, so it shouldn't, and hasn't, bothered me about switching to Windows 10. One thing I still don't get is why would they force it on people? I mean, if you do decide to get it, it's free anyway, so they're not making any money forcing people to switch. Anyway, what made me decide to resurrect it was I had made a DVD case for it back in March. I had decided to quit since I had lost everything. But something about having that disc case be empty forever made me sad, so I began to redo it. It's not as good as the first three episodes I had, but it is passable. So anyway, I had a hard time getting up today. I have a hard time getting up every day. I wake up still sleepy. So I go to the couch because the dog doesn't like being alone and sleep on the couch. And then it gets to be noon and I took the dog out and then went back to sleep on the couch. Then a few hours later, Mom came home. I told her I wanted a lemon and an orange for things I was filming. She got them. And I had fun. I want to think up of more things I could do with a lemon for the show. I'd put it on YouTube, but 1. I deleted my account and 2. people will say bad things about my stuff and call it too weird and it doesn't make any sense. Have you ever seen the Adult Swim show called "Off the Air"? It's like that, only 100 times weirder.

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