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New game WIP: Gunfright


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Here is preview version of my next game for Atari 8bit: Gunfright. This is ported from Spectrum, using my Z80 -> 6502 recompiler. Current version is playable, and (hopefully all) bugs are found and fixed. There are graphics glitches (no display of bullets in cartridge, incorrect display of lives, glitches on title screen) - they all are caused by Spectrum attribute used in these places which are not yet redone for Atari. The speed is also slightly worse than Spectrum original. Game features original music and sound effect (with the exception of footsteps sound which was affecting performance too much), but this will be likely replaced with proper Pokey sounds in final version.


Gunfright was one of my favourites back in 80s, so I am happy that game finally reaches my favourite platform from 80s!.


Enjoy as much as I do!




I am also releasing current source code if you are interested how it was done.





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I just tested it in AtariWinPLus. Seems that in Altirra you have to push the keys for a little more (1 sec) in order to have it working.


- Y -

Set the keyboard to raw keys, you almost certainly have cooked on, speed changes drastically :)

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