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Have you ever ever beated games on the lynx on the go?


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I wonder if peoples back in those old day's has ever be able to beat games on the lynx? And/or on the go??

I ask this because 1 the screen was faded, you had to hold it at an ackward 45 dagree angle to see something and 2 the screen was very blurry in fast moving games,and,you can barely see what's coming up or if enemy's throws projectiles on you like in toki and hydra,shadow of the beast etc,,,

Also the battery life was limited to be 2/4 hours so dit any of you have beated ninja gaiden 3 on the lynx,wich is not only a long but also hard game with fast action.

Back in those day's there was no save feature, you had to do it with a blurry faded screen and a low battery life,making it all very unfriendly and against all common sence.

The same thing has to be said about the gamegear,nomad and turbo express, i will be amezed if someone beated sonic the hedgehog on a gamegear or sonic 3 on a nomad.

The gba in turn had just a good screen,high battery life and games wich allows you in average to even save per level,it was just too easy .

I think that most peoples with common sence will just get tired and will stop playing lynx games after 5 minites because of the sadly faded blurrish screen and the fact that games can be hard, i only play for about minites on it,for a while just to enjoy myself with 16bit colorfull graphics on it.

So dit you really get used with the bad screen and low battery life to the point to even be able to beat long and hard games with it???

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