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How do I fight with Google Translate...


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How to make Beauty from a Beasts.

I will use two Beasts to born Beauty!

They are 'Google Translate' and 'Microsoft Word'.

Everyone knows that they are Monsters!
Everyone knows that we are using them too often.
No one knows why!

I know! ;)
In conjunction they are useful for making Beauty.

I will try to translate (in some acceptable manner) ansient Atari related document with these two monsters.

I know (slightly) Atari. I know Google history. I know (No one know it perfectly!) MS-Word.
I don't know Deutch absolutely!

My problems:
1. All of old Atari documents are scanned and even OCRed data.

My personal thanks to HARDWORKERS!!!

Particularly it means that 'Google translate' CAN NOT READ some meaning sentense.
It will read some not meaning part up to i.e. 'Paragraph sign'!!!
And trying to translate...
Atari 40 columns breaks meaning of sentense evidently!

Too often 'GooTran' can't translate it in AI manner and goes to translate in 'word by word' manner.
Garbage in end.

Thus we must glue words together for Google perfectly eat them...


I'd like to translate ATMAS-II Manual (in Deutch) to English.

I even not try to translate it to Russian (my native) because Russian premates meanings of sentense above meanings of words. (Google can't)

Here is Manual in Deutch.

In our browser, select all text <Ctrl-a> and save it in Copy-Buffer <ctrl-Insert>

Run MS-Word, set narrow fields.

Insert copyed test to MS-Word <Shift-Insert>

This view can't add any new info for us thus press 'Paragraph sign' on top-ribbon to view some 'Specials'.

Now we can see that every (even long) sentense is truncated by Paragraph sign! (Death for Google)

You already know how to select all - <Ctrl-a>. Do it.

Don't pay attention to Word's meaning about Too many errors...

Look at text!
Now we can see all secrets!


Our purpose to escape from HARD-style Atari text formating to ANOTHER!

Let's change 'Paragraph-sign' to 'New_Line sign'.

MS-Word has very sophisticated Search-Replace tool. Call it with <Ctrl-h>

Syntacsis of needed specials is:

1. ^p - for 'Paragraph-sign'
2. ^l - for 'New-Line' sign
3. ^t - for 'TAbulation-sign' in some cases...

Replace <Ctrl-h> 'Paragraphs' (^p) with 'Lines' (^l)
Then press - Replace ALL


Never continue search in remaining part of document!!!
It sertainly turns all table-like parts of document into garbage.
Carefully use selected area!

Let's go further...

Human can easy select parts which must really ended with 'Pragraph'.

They are:
1. Especially formatted by Author areas
2. Table-style formatted
3. Headers etc.

Let's begin with The Most Strange Parts.
FE. 4-times repeated 'Line'...


I selected it with Mouse here.

Our standard work:
<Ctrl-h> (^l^l^l^l), (^p^p^p^p), press [Replace All]

Then let's replace parts which must contain line skipping - it means that there are 'Line' repeated two times.

<Ctrl-h> (^l^l), (^p^p), [Replace All]


Now we can see that 'Paragraph' has it's own formatting which is NOT ACCEPTABLE for us.

Reparing it with
1. Selecting all text <Ctrl-a>
2. Format it with Ribbon as 'without intervals'
3. Format font as 'Courier New'

Here it looks much beautiful.


Let's repare Headers
You can see that the sequences (^l=) and (^l-) [i selected them with mouse]


must be replaced by (^p=) and (^p-) respectively.

1. Select all document <Ctrl-a>
2. Call replacing <Ctrl-h>
Never continue replacing anything in remaining part of document!
3. Replace (^l=) by (^p=)
4. Replace (^l-) by (^p-)

Now we still can not replace all 'Line' signs by <Space>.
It's because of 'Table-stiled' parts.


They must be treated in another manner...

It's HARD WORK! Let's GO!

Our MAIN idea is to replace all (^l) symbols in these parts. Then we can replace all (^l) symbols in text!

1. Find tabel-like text in document
2. Select it with mouse
3. Replace all (^l) symbols by (^p) IN SELECTED ONLY!!!

Search and repare ALL of them!

Don't forget definition-lists like this...


They are table-like too!

Don't forget sample Codes! Table-like!

You may use (Ctrl-Mouse selection) for continuing selection in different parts of document...


Don't forget program listings etc.!!!

When you are done YOU MUST CLEAR all HYPHENATIONS in all document! i.e. replace (-^l) and (-^p) sequenses to ... In the field Replace to -> NOTHING!


Select all
Replace (^l) to <Space>

When done you have clearly prepared (from the Google point of view...) document.


Thanks for Long Reading


Best wishes from Moscow.

Keep your boots dry and nose clean!

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Yes, translation programs are still not great. Although they are good enough that people will accuse a real human of using a translator, even when they are not.


I've had the pleasure of that experience many times. On the one hand I'm still so bad (btw, at Russian) people think I'm using a translator. On the other hand, I'm at least good enough at it, that people think it came from a translator! Woot! I'm not inclined to always take it as the insult it is meant to be....


I suppose the more pressing issue is not my proficiency in a second language, but the fact that I apparently don't speak my native language that well either, haha....oh well ,not everyone was meant to be great at human languages... :)

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I just see that Google - being "Content Provider" provides information content about us to organisations someway interested in... but nothing to us...


I remember another internet and another google!


It was not so stuffed by AI like modern but it was useful anyway.


Old manner translation of


"The SPIRIT is willing but the Flash is weak"

into Russian and then into English again came to

The Vodka is GOO-OO-OO-OD and the Meat is Rotten!


Now it's translated in good manner.


Just imagine that they thought that russians never had Spirit and They prefere only "Spiritus Vini"

How can I think about Google?

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