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SpiceWare's Blog - Stay Frosty, Part 2


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Nathan and I discussed the fireballs and nose:



Me (from last time): Using Missile 1 for the nose means we can't double or triple the fireball sprite - unless they flicker.



Nathan: Hmmm... I think I'd rather do without the nose then. Does that mean losing the nose on the reserve sprite, as well, or just the player?



Me: The nose on the reserve sprite can stay - there's no fireballs to conflict with at the bottom.



Nathan: The other thing I was thinking about, is having the fireballs shrink as you put them out. But I'm assuming this means any multiplexed ones would all shrink at the same time. So maybe that's not such a hot idea. :roll:



Me: Yep - they'd all shrink. Both the nose and shrinking could be done if we limit to 2 fireballs per row and flicker them at 30Hz. That would also let the fireballs move back and forth independently from each other instead of being in lockstep. The flicker would actually fit as they are fire :ponder:



Nathan: I like that idea much better! The flickering won't be very noticeable anyway at 30Hz, especially against black backgrounds. :thumbsup:

At the time I'd been doing homebrew reviews and decided to put that on the back burner:

I've had a couple interesting opportunities come up that's going to delay further reviews for a bit, possibly until early next year.

One of those opportunities was the holiday cart, the other was an interview for a job in the space industry. For that I needed to track down my social security card, which I'd last needed in 1998 before I'd moved into my new home. It took a while, but I finally found it in an unpacked moving box that had been stashed in a closet. After finding my social security card I resumed work on Stay Frosty and implemented the snowman and the sun-watches-snowman logic.








Blog entry covers November 1-4, 2007

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