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Apple IIc Check Disk Drive error


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I just got out my IIc that has been stored for about 20 years. It was working when I put it away, and spent all that time on a closet shelf, covered. I inserted the "An Introduction" disk into the internal drive and turned the computer on. A sparse array of characters (mostly 0's) appears on the screen, and some of them flicker while the drive runs and sounds normal. After a few seconds the message "CHECK DISK DRIVE" appears. I typed CONT-RESET for the cursor and typed PR#7 to activate my external drive. Put the disk in that drive and started up with exactly the same result as for the internal drive. I have a lot of program disks and tried several others with same result on either drive. I disassembled the external drive and cleaned the head with Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol. Also the head mechanism glides smoothly on its rail, and I wiped the rail with the Q-tip. Reassembled and tried again with same result.

How can I fix my IIc? Help please.
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But crap on the screen when you turn on the machine with any disk in the drive, before the disk loads, suggests bad hardware. Like I said, sounds clearly like a RAM chip is bad, especially if the inverse characters are the same character, and often if that character is @.

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