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Falcon sonovista tecnation

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Hey guys. I came across this little guy while i was cleaning out the shed. Im not entirely sure what it is, some variant of the falcon30 i gather. I dont have any other cables other than the one attached and i have no idea if it works. The escape key is missing, there is a crack in the front face on the right top corner of the keyboard frame and it could do with a clean. Figured you guys would have some insight as to where to go from here... is this worth anything to anyone? The power rating on the back states 117v 60hz 1a. 4mb memory


Thanks for looking.




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Wow these are quite rare. It is a Falcon variant used on TV shows like the Word (a late night low budget chat show for non UK readers) and MTV and others to generate swirly graphics and stuff. There was some custom software to run on it (which I think is on the web somewhere) so you didn't have to interact with GEM. It sold for quite a bit new. Good find. :)

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