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Dreaming of Atari Age woke me up last night.


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I don't normally dream much, and when I do it's not usually about anything to do with the computer, but last night I had a dream that woke me up instantly.


Anyway I was reading a thread where someone had been working on a new game for the TI, but is was getting rather 'large'. Anyway a discussion formed around the fact that the only cartridge that could be used was the UberGrom because (the technical the aspects will probably be wrong, this was a dream after all) the 1284P had to control the separate levels/modules in the 49F040 while saving the current status and score data in the 15K GRAM area. There was even a save option to dump the 15KGRAM file to disk for future reload and game play.


Now at this point in my dream I was getting a little excited as it was an F18A game, and even though it required the UberGROM to function it also required the SAMS card! Now my subconscious was getting a little suspicious and I was becoming aware that this was all just a little too good to be true, but when I got a look at the YouTube video that was posted of game play... it forced me to wake up. The problem is, I remember that it was amazing... BUT I CANNOT REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS! :mad:



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