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Help! N64 Rolling Static Issue

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I have an n64 that has an issue where it displays what I can only describe as upwards rolling static. On stationary screens (like a title screen for instance) the picture jumps around a bit in all directions by about a quarter inch. Moving picture it's fine, but two bars of rolling static are there.


What I've been able to deduce:

All other systems run through svideo perfectly fine, so it's not the screen or the svideo port. In fact, I've done this on another screen and the same effect is produced.

Both svideo cords I have give me the same issue. So that points to the system. Also, I made sure to move the cord away from any other cord, and it still scrolls, so it's not interference.

I'm using a retro bit AC adapter. That's the only thing I can't test to see if it's causing the issue or not as I don't own any other cable.


So it's either the system or the power. Has anyone had this issue? I don't want to order a Nintendo brand AC adapter just to find out it's the system that's at fault.


Thanks. See below for pictures. post-44598-0-88004600-1466046318_thumb.jpegpost-44598-0-05796400-1466046337_thumb.jpeg

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That 3 in 1 AC power adapter is not necessarily bad. I have found that changing the AV or RF cord will eliminate the issue. However, the replaced AV or RF cords still work as long as I use the original power adapter that comes with the console. So apparently some of the AV/RF cords made by Nintendo are sensitive to these 3 in 1 AC power adapters. I would go with finding an official power adapter instead of dicking around with AV/RF cords in hopes of finding one that will work.

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I just sold a super Nintendo today with a 3 in 1 AC power adapter that had static lines when using an official Nintendo AV cord so instead I tried another Nintendo AV cord and that one worked just fine with no static lines. I tried the bad Nintendo AV cord on a Gamecube that I have laying around using the Nintendo AC power adapter and it displayed no static lines. So again, I have no clue why some of the AV cords are sensitive to 3 in 1 AC adapters.

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Glad you figured it out. So did you get a new ac adapter?

Yes and no. I didn't find a Nintendo brand AC adapter at the store that was for sale (they let me use their demo system's cord to test). But I ended up finding an insanely cheap N64 lot that came with the system and cords, three grey controllers in great shape, and a couple games for 55 shipped. I'll keep the AC adapter and controllers and sell the rest. So, it's not here yet or anything, which sucks, but at least it's on the way.


Until then I have plenty of other games to play, so that's good. But the temporarily incomplete setup is definitely a bummer.

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Ok, so I took the N64 to a local store today on my lunch break.


No issues when using an official AC power cable. So it's this crappy Retro Bit brand AC adapter, then.


So if you guys ever have an N64 that needs a new power cord, just a warning, buy an official one.

Good deal. Always much easier to use an official AC power adapter then dicking around with finding an AV cord that will work with the aftermarket AC power adapter.

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