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Stupid question?


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I have an 800xl which I just got working by finding the bad ram chip.. now it runs.. boots anything fine.. keyboard is good.


Went to play a game.. and at the very least the trigger does not work on any joystick I use.. and on another 800xl np.


SO.. is cold or broken solder joints an issue on some machines? is that what I should be looking for?


Also some joysticks I have just dont seem to work that great.. NOW i am wondering.. is the joystick the issue? or the port?


Anything easy to test with? if I had the board out.. could I cross or connect a couple of pins and see if I get the port to work?


What about testing joysticks? any program? I see the 2600 people made a tester.. but I could use a multi meter with knowing the pin out.. and just do a continuity test right?





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You may want to re-seat your gtia chip as well, which reads the trigger button. About your question on the multimeter, yes it's a continuity test what you could do, but I doubt that's the issue if all of your joysticks fail equally.


10 ? strig(0): goto 10


That's your basic trigger tester. if the value changes when pushing the trigger, you're good. use strig(1) for the other port.

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