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A plea for a small program for the new FlashROM 99


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Okay here's the deal, we all know that the new FlashROM 99 is the greatest thing to come down the pike for the TI in quite a while... but there is a way to make it even more useful for people in the TI community (hard to believe but true).


You see there are just some programs that people still have to run off of diskette for various reasons, like the 9640 Menu System or Remind-Me! because of the way they save data into themselves, or BA-Writer because of it design in multiple parts.


While it's true one could use the E/A II or DM2K programs to load the aforementioned files, it would take numerous time consuming steps. What I propose is a simple program for the FlashROM 99 that does one thing and one thing only... and that is load the 9640 Menu System. Just press one button a viola, it would load the menu system from diskette and be ready to do it's thing.


Does anyone with assembly knowledge have the time and care to take on this task?


a705b362b6c2ed10498b800737173b31.jpg How can your turn down this little kitty? ;)

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This concept or something like it was once upon a time implemented in something I just stumbled upon, but for GRAM devices:






Interesting. It should not be difficult for someone who knows what they are doing, unfortunately that person is not me. :(

The code already exists in other programs out there, BA-Writer has it, hell even Gazoo's SETCLOCK program has it. I suppose someone who knows something about assembly could just 'borrow' the code block and simplify it for that single task.

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uih, I didn´t realize that. So I made a quick list of what I have up to today:


//\\ //\/ / /\\ / \ / \ /\/ \ / \ / \ //\ \ / \ /\/\ /\ /\ \ /\ /\ /\\/\ /\/\ /\ /\/ \/ \\/\/\/\/\\ /\ ///\

/ /

\ \ * 2016-04-25 04/16/16 - RAG-Ron A. Green gallery_41141_1470_4265.gif



YOU? You made a LIST???? OMG, how unusual! <evil grin>


(luv ya brother!)

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