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Juice has changed is name on ebay to sell bootleg games and SGM's


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Please be aware that Juice who was known as konus37 on ebay has changed is ID to tkat5200atariage and is continuing to selling home made carts of recent homebrews by collectorvision, team pixelboy, opecode and others. Please dont support this activity as it only hurts our community.


I just had a friend buy one of his SGM modules and told him to return it and to just wait to get his Opcode one. Juice sent a email to him asking if he was one of the crybabies on Atariage and then told him hey had permission from Coleco to make them (which I doubt very much as Mr. Thomann or Chris Cardillo has not said anyting about it, plus there is no Coleco logo on his stuff like the actual "official" Opcode SGM which Coleco has provided permission for.

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