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Spent most of the night last night working on Lowercase I. I made a new screen with a wall. But what was bothering me was why in the maze screen did it deduct 11 points sometimes? The answer: The bombs were hitting the health number, and since they're made up of characters as well as the i, it acted as like it hit the i! So I made the bombs disappear higher up so they couldn't hit the health number. Then I went to sleep at about midnight. My eye was hurting. I woke up and it was still hurting. It isn't now. I discovered another mistake I had made while playing the game: On screen 8, the H's x-direction wasn't working well. So I discovered why (I was using movx instead of mov in one place), and it worked right. I moved the H's re-spawning place off screen so the i couldn't hit it over and over again if it was to the right of the screen. Now I've worked on this too long and want to take a few days' rest on working on the game. Even if I wanted to, I ran out of ideas again. I might have one though, but I can't do it yet. In this screen, the i would see a cannon and a brick flying across the sky. The object of this screen is to shoot down the block so it lands on the river so the i can cross it. The problem: I don't think I can change the grid's color from black to blue in the same bank, so I'm going to wait until I make the game 6k to try to program this one. And then there would be 4 lowercase i .a48 files to blend together into one file, though one would be almost empty. Right now I just have i27part2.a48 and i26apart1.a48. I also had to think hard to solve my nephew's wooden bank problem. He got this piggy bank made out of wood at Lowe's. He put it together wrong and I had to somehow get the nails loose enough to pull out. But I did it. And mom was able to pull off the backing of the window with notches to tell how much money was in there. Nowhere in the instructions does it say "peel off the annoying stupid plastic film we put on the back of the window just to annoy you with."

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