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Frankodragon's Blog Stuffs - Two types of mistakes that may crash 7800B


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At times, when coding in 7800Basic with Windows, sometimes you may get one of those dreaded messages, '7800Basic Has Stopped Working', and crashes. Before you get really upset and throw your computer across the room, or get help as to wonder if there is a problem with the application itself, there are two instances in which this can happen.

Sometimes 7800Basic can catch the error, but other times it'll crash.

The first common mistake is inadvertently using an "if-then" statement without the "then" in the statement. For example:

if room>4 &&
This will also, at times, cause 7800Basic to crash since it is uncompleted. Sometimes you may just forget to finish it.

So, these are two instances (from my own experiences) to as why 7800Basic may crash under Windows environments. I don't know if the same happens to Ubuntu/Mac users, but it might save someone from getting their blood pressure up to a boiling point.

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