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I liked to draw as a kid. In kindergarten, we had these daily journals. I knew how to read and write then, so I wrote stuff, but I would also draw in there. Even though I loved to do it, I never was very good at it. Then I decided to draw comic books. I have just about all of the ones I drew, even the first one from 1992 when I was 9 years old. Back in 2006, I started a series called "Adventures of the 50-foot-tall Stalk of Celery." That is where the Odyssey 2 game comes from, it was an idea I had from the comic book, and the comic book idea came from a story I wrote when I was a kid. I even wrote a comic book based on the story. In 1994, I made my first comic book about celery. Fast-forward to now. Ten years after issue one, and I'm only working on issue 21. There are huge gaps between issues, sometimes a year-long one, because I forget about projects, come across them, and think "Wow, I remember this! I should do another one." The drawings are crude, simply because nobody else but me looks at them. But I got the idea to clean up the drawings and have other people look at them. So, baring my soul, I have decided to make a website where you can look at my drawings of the celery. And if you're wondering how a 50-foot-tall stalk of celery can live inside a normal-sized house, well, so am I. Since Mr. Celery fights crime, I decided he needed an arch nemesis. 19 issues without one. Enter Professor Evil. An eccentric old man who loves to create machines that might one day be able to defeat Mr. Celery and one day rule the world. So anyway, look at the first four pages of issue 21. I'm beginning to scan my drawings into the computer so I can make multiple copies of the same issue, just in case anyone wants one. If anyone wants issue 21, just let me know, and I'll print one out and mail it to you as soon as I'm done with it, free of charge. It shouldn't take very much longer, each issue is a mere 12 pages. http://www.atari2600land.com/celerycomic/issue21.html

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