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So I thought I had a plan to make the ketchup bottle in Lowercase I. As it turned out, whenever the I touched it, a bit of ick got on the screen for a split second before it went away. I tried multiple possible solutions, but nothing worked, so I just gave up and made the label a sprite instead of a character. I guess one pixel length just wasn't enough to stop the craziness that ensues when two characters overlap each other on an Odyssey 2. That results in characters going berzerk, that I described as ick. Another hard thing was to make sure that if the health meter went over 99 to display 99 anyway. And yet another hard thing was to make it so when the health meter was above 69 and below 99 to not go crazy. I had a hard time making it add 30 health, which is what I wanted it to do. So anyway, before that, I tried to eat some microwave popcorn. I've decided to not eat it any more. I had another one of my choking fits again. This one was horrible. I reached my finger deep down my throat and felt some gunk that when I finally barfed it up was indeed microwave popcorn I had chewed and swallowed. So now I guess I know why this happens: Food gets stuck in my throat. Why? I don't know. I also worked on issue 21 of the celery comic. I've decided to finish it up tomorrow. I made 4 pages tonight. I sort of wrote myself into a corner, even with the premise, but I've got the ending in mind. And I don't have an idea for issue 22 yet. This will be the second June issue. I used to do that with other comic books, make like 4 or 5 in a month and then go months without making a single issue. Slept all day, don't know why I was so sleepy.

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