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Bit cheeky...But, has anyone got a spare 800 space bar (not XL)?


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I managed to break mine (don't ask) and glued it back together but it just looks wrong, its the only blemish on the 800 apart from the colouring..


I know there are replacement keyboards from BEST but the cost is out of my league and as the computer still works fully and its merely a cosmetic repair I can't seriously condone the cost..


As said, a bit cheeky and simply a just in case type of post..



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I have one. It's not a museum quality piece - it has a few scratches that are fortunately on the side that faces the bottom row of keys, not facing the user. See the picture. Otherwise intact.


The donor keyboard is a Hi-Tek with white plungers. I don't know if the space bar is different from a Stackpole so please check.


Yours for the cost of packaging and postage if you're interested... I'm in the US, so you may want to try sourcing one locally first.






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