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Trying to put it all together


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So... I used to be an avid collector in the late 90´s - early 2000´s. But somehow I got married (beats me! :P) and got a baby girl, so for some 10 years my collection was pretty much abandoned. :_(


Yeah, some of you knows that feeling. :)


Anyway... My collection was all over the place. Some things at my mom´s, others at my dad´s, a bunch at my mother-in-law´s, a few with me.


Some day I´ve stumbled upon my Vectrex, tucked in a wardrobe. And then I made the stupid decision to turn it on again. And I was bitten once more. :-D


Things are still spread all over but now I´m trying to make sense out of it. I´ve been slowing grouping them by platform and sorting it all out. And I´ve been buying again, trying to fill the blanks.


So... Yesterday I took the time to open my Atari 2600 CIB games´ boxes and grouped the kids for a family reunion photo.




The loose carts are in two boxes at my dad´s. There´s probably 200 of them. I must find them eventually. But that sight made me remember how great it is collecting the classics. :grin:

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