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APE & SIO2USB on a Win 8.1 Surface table


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I was thinking of purchasing a Surface tablet with Win8.1 and was wondering if anyone has had any experience running APE and an Atarimax SIO2USB on one of these. It has a full size usb 3.0 port so I don't see why it won't work, but I might be overlooking something.

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The closest I can come to giving you an answer is that I've used registered APE with the Atarimax USB adapter with a Win 7-64 laptop and it works fine. I'd look at the Atarimax forum and see if there is anything posted about Win 8.x. I believe it should work, but Win 8.x has a few quirks. I've actually upgraded to Win 10, but haven't tried that with APE. Considered going to Win 10 with the Surface? (I presume you can if you wish?)



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