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Anything wrong with Atari2600.com?


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Hope I´m not asking silly questions. :-)


Is there anything going on with atari2600.com?


I´ve placed an order over there two weeks ago and it is still "pending shipment". They won´t reply my emails.


Is this usual behavior? Should I start worrying? Should I open a dispute on Paypal?


Thank you all.

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The eBay storefront account Joe co-operates is: the-video-game-gallery.


How his transition has affected his operation of atari2600.com has been discussed in three (or more) other AtariAge threads, though I don't have links to them at my fingertips now.


Just got a few Vectrex carts from them, had no idea they are the same guys. :-)


Thank you. Managed to contact them.

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