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-guy asks $100 for Tengen Tetris


-guy gets laughed out door


-new guy asks if still available seven years later


-Tengen Tetris now worth $100


Come to think of it, maybe there is a method to this madness?


STEP 1: find an old thread in which seller humiliated for asking too much


STEP 2: wait seven years


STEP 3: offer to buy item


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Wow, it is finally worth some good money!

I always liked the Tengen version better, probably because it's the first one I saw and played.  Then when I saw the Nintendo release a year or so later it was kind of confusing, it wasn't what I played, and I didn't think it was nearly as good looking.  First impressions I guess.


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I've always preferred the Gameboy one, did not like the NES release, and very much liked the Tengen NES release, so that's the two I keep around game +manual on both (and long sleeve on the NES cart.)  It's solid fun, but damn...maybe that post up there is onto something, find a fool, play the long game, then grab it. :D

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