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2016 Too Many Games


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Just realized that there isn't a thread dedicated to this very fine con which starts today and is going on as I speak. Tomorrow I will make the 15 minute journey to Oaks Pa. to the Philadelphia Convention Center. Part of me wants to return on Sunday to sit in on a live CU Podcast with Pat and Ian but that will mean I will have to purchase another ticket so we'll see how it goes. Anyway here is the website: http://toomanygames.com/


And a video of last year's con made by AA's very own Rob Maerz.





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Thanks for watching the video. I wonder if anyone picked up all those autographed trading cards I left on the table? ;-)


Anyway, I didn't go this year. The main draw for me is the marketplace. And since I sold off most of my cartridges and gone multicart for the majority of my systems I no longer have a need to attend.


Now, if they allowed people to bring in their arcade games in exchange for free admission I think I would reconsider.

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This years event was the largest yet and is highly recommended for anyone who is into the post crash systems. Personally I am slowly embracing a pre-crash only mentality so I wasn't as enthusiastic as I usually am. There were a only a handful of games in the marketplace that I was interested in and I did pick up a CIB Colecovision Mousetrap for $5.00 which I believe is a decent price. Only saw about 6 Vectrex carts and they were loose and common. What I did do this year that I have never done is attend a couple of panels both featuring Pat Contri. I especially enjoyed attending a live recording of the Completely Unnecessary Podcast with Pat and Ian. To be honest if I wasn't so incredibly close to this event I would probably no longer attend but I must admit that I do enjoy soaking in the geek atmosphere if only for a couple of hours.

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