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MSXDev´15 - results are out

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I am not sure of how many of you are aware of that (or even if anyone else cares! :D), but...


MSXDev is a long-standing MSX game development contest that´s been around since 2003. A groups of users throw donations for a prize pool and then people show their work. A jury of notorious members of the community then cast their votes and winners are picked.


It used to be a "no-limits" contest, developers were able to make games for all the range (from MSX1 to MSX TR) and format and even ask for mandatory extra hardware like sound boards. But for some time now the hardware requirements are way harder - every game MUST be released in a ROM format and MUST be an MSX1 game able to run on most of the installed base.


After all those years it already gave us some pretty nice gems, great games that helps keeping a not-so-well-known 30 year-old plataform breathing.


Anyway... We had 4 contesters this year. You can find - and download! - them here, and also find out the winners on each category:



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