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Frake WIP - Progress Report


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Now, on this video it's a little herky/jerky - it really doesn't display that way on the real thing. I'm told it has somethign to do with Altirra outputting the video correctly, but YouTube bungling it on the upload/conversion.


But, I show it anyway, because if you ignore the apparent 'blanking' and irregular movement that the game doesn't have, it does give you a glimpse into the progress.


If anyone is reading this that hasn't yet heard my story, a while back I was looking at the Atari 800 basic game "Nerm of Bemer' which was the cover story for an old issue of Compute! magazine, and a type-in snake game. The author had challenged readers to improve the game, so I was taking up that challenge, re-writing it in C/Assembler and adding some features to the game.


And then the ABBUC software contest came on my radar, and I decided to make Frake - Nerm was a Worm, Frake is a Snake.....you get it.

So I say all that, because the Nerm rewrite and the new Frake game- were two separate ideas. However, at some point I decided to just concentrate on Frake and not continue Nerm.


However I had both the Snake graphics for Frake and the worm (also called the 'centipede' by the original author in his program comments) in the same code base. And at one point I switched it to displaying the worm...and so yeah, I even left that in place for this video - that isn't the snake.

But it will be a snake, like in my avatar. Anyway, for those that like seeing a WIP progress, it has been a few weeks since I did a video, so here it is.


That window shade thing, is part of a room that will be called the long hallway. The treasure room, is to be updated too. I purposely didn't show you any more rooms, but the chapel room is partially done. And artwork for the dining room is done, but not in-game yet.

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