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SQRXZ Port for our Lynx ?


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Since years i play a very cool but not easy game with the unspokable name "Sqrxz". It is a Jump and Run with difficult puzzling and it makes so much fun. 4 parts are available.

Sqrxz is available for many many different platforms. Many of the ports are Homebrew. More infos are available here at Retroguru http://www.sqrxz.de


A Lynx port is missing ! What about a port for our lovely handheld ? Unfortunatley I am not a coder.

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Hi lynxianer. Sqrxz would be nice on the Lynx, but very difficult to port for many reasons:


- Sqrxz uses SDL for its many ports. There is no SDL for Lynx. (ie: Sqyrxz assumes a more powerful system)

- Sqrxz is designed for 320x240 resolution. Lynx is 160 x 102.

- Sqxrz uses MOD tracker music. Lynx may have some kind of MOD tracker, but not enough to support Sqrxz music / effects properly.


Better to create a game that is designed specifically for the Lynx.

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2 hours ago, spspspsp said:

Back in the late 90s I played the heck out of a port of SQRXZ written for the Ti-86 graphing calculator.

The TI-86 version is not from Retroguru, it's a clone of the same PC game that inspired the Retroguru port.


Porting the Retroguru version to Lynx will require to maintan it as close as possible to the original: compromises must be reduced at minimal and it is not so trivial. 

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