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Joe Decuir Engineering Notebook — 1977


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This is amazing history right here.
Joe Decuir's 1977 engineering notebook from when he worked at Atari, including design concepts (lots on the Atari 2600 and Atari 400/800) feasibility studies, meeting notes, teardown of competing products (such as VIC-20, TI 99/4A)
Scanned from Joe's photocopy of his notebook with his permission. At some point, Joe was made to turn the original notebook into Atari management, but he made these photocopies first. Some pages are not of the quality that we might prefer. The scans look just as good as the photocopies.
There is another notebook, from 1978, that will be scanned and posted later this summer.


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This is so amazing. It is like looking over his shoulder as he worked. I love that they considered fiber optics to transmit the signal from the system to the TV as a possible way to avoid FCC approval.

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