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Colecovision controller port repair.

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Ok so I just wanted to post this and maybe its common knowledge...

This is my second coleco mod/repair and the second time with a controller port issue so I believe this is a common issue.

In this particular situation the controller was stuck always going left on the player one port.

All I did was remove the old solder and add fresh solder to all the through holes from the controller to their next closest through hole linked by a trace going all the way till I got to the controller IC and voila working controller port.


Maybe I have just had bad luck with these past two. I have read about replacing the IC but it may be unnecessary (like in my case)


Also I apologize if posting this here was inappropriate just seemed like something the community should be tuned into if not known already.

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That is true most stories I have seen talk about just replacing the IC, Of course a lot of people take the tiime to socket the IC so it is easier to replace in the future. It is possible if some had your problem that the are fixing whatever lose solder point there was when they are replacing with a socket. Good point though, I wonder how many just automatically replace the IC or if they check all the soldering.

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