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Just stumbled across a cdi got some questions...

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I took it upon myself to build one of the Arduino adapters because I'm impatient. I finally got it working today, and can confirm that the plans do work. I'd never used an Arduino before, so there was a bit of a learning curve, but it really wasn't all that difficult.

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Thats great to hear since I am about to embark on this project also. Do you think an arduino micro would be capable of doing this. I dont see why not, but I am very new to arduino. I want to keep the project small and had been considering using plans for a pic chip adapter I found but the arduino seems mor straight forward and has better documentation.


As a side note I did end up finding a spoon control at a local vintage game store. I had already asked at 2 other vintage game stores and interestingly enough no one at those 2 stores had ever even heard of a cd-i. When I asked at the store that did have it the guy chuckled went in back and came out withe the controller and two games. He sold me it all for 10 bucks. I said that wasn't too bad and he said that I was probably the only person who would ask him for these items and he is probably the only store that would have them.


I got to say this system is certainly not great, but its not totaly horrible either. If you find one at a good price and you got the space I'd say grab it.

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Hah, they are so bad I forgot about the spoons.

I guess that one could dissasemble a spoon and repurpose/Rewire the PCB on a better controller as a simple mod, like direct wiring the buttons to plug an Atari 7800 pad or an old PC controller on it.

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