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Need atari 2600 RIOT chip


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Yeah so I bought a sweet Atari lot off craigslist, mainly for the manuals and paperwork but it had other stuff. The person listed this for the Atari.


"I could not get the atari to give me a good picture on my new tv, not sure if its the game or the system that perhaps need cleaning or some other part. I did see the game come in fuzzy and saw that controllers did work."


Complete lie. All it does is display black screen. Anyhow after some research I found out the RIOT chip was likely the cause so I swapped it with one from my vader... of course that one had to be soldered in lol. Anyhow system worked instantly. So I put my vader back together and put the old Riot chip back in and black screen again.


Anyone have one or know a place? I found one for $21 shipped but that seems a bit high to me. I would be better off parting out the system at that price.

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I dont have an extra but I have gotten them from jameco in the past




problem is a 10$ order minimum and postage, but still cheaper than 21 bucks, get some 7805's while your there lol

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Got these in today and I popped a chip in and got weird picture mostly black on star wars death star battle and black screen on breakout. I was like WTF Osgeld lol. So I decided well let me just check another chip. The other two chips worked fine. I popped the 1st one back in again and black screen again so obviously a bad chip. I will have to contact Jameco.


However I didn't pay much attention the first time around when swapping chips from my vader, but I did notice the color was not right. The color is still off. I pop in The death star battle and it starts off green and then fades to no color. Break out is mostly no color but a single green bar in they center then moves to the outer border and back in middle. So another bad chip?


The color selector seems to work just the colors are not being displayed correctly.




edit: Never mind a simple search showed the fix was a super simple turn of the tint knob. Sweet! I now know way more about Atari hardware than anyone needs to know lol.

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