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Grand Kingdom


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Not enough turn based games out there, I think this one may be a gem.

The game is better than I thought it would be, kind of like a cross between Dragons Crown and a board game. I ordered the game after playing the beta a bit. It's set up like Dragons Crown kinda but totally turn based. Basically you play the commander for a band of mercenaries that joins up with a mercenary guild. You put together a team of troops (seems like you can have numerous ones but for the beta, you get 1 set of troops) and it's stuff like a knight warrior, archer, medic (who does decent dmg too - yay throw acid attack), witch (those are the beta classes), there is also a bunch of classes that get unlocked in the regular game, but just those 4 to start with.

Anyway, there are 4 kingdoms all warring, and as a merc you sign up to fight in their wars and choose which side you want to fight for and for how long. One thing I think is really neat about it is, if you don't have a lot of time, you can tell your troops to deploy and go off and fight without you and then when you come home/play later you can see how they did and if they got anything (you can even watch the fight as a replay to see how they did and if you want to change their tactics). My troops lost (my guys were lvl 3 vs a lvl 5 group) but they still got xp and money from it and leveled up from it.
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