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SFF or USFF or just TINY 286, 386 or 486?

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Greetings... I am searching for the above to run old school bbs software on (and other programs written in PASCAL that have the PASCAL 200 runtime error issue) .. I need it to be small because I have 5 other systems running as well and would prefer that I not be running a space heater as well..


I need it to be VGA color capable - and would prefer it to have both a 5 1/3 as well as a 3.5 (and hard disk) drives... I am almost thinking a laptop might be the best thing for me - but I figured I would ask.. Anything up to a Pentium 166 will work.. Anything beyond that will not.


Oh... This will be running dos 6.22/dr. Multiuser dos/or similar.. I do NOT need (or want) it to run windows.

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Back in the day, this was the quintessential small form factor computer:




The Dell 325P. It was a very common computer for businesses, and was one of the first mainstream non-beast-sized computer.


Unless you're willing to go Thin Client, you're not really going to find anything that's going to suite your needs I think.


Do you know for sure that an old HP Thin Client won't have issues with BBS software? You say something about a runtime error? I've got a Thin Client that's running DOS 5.0, and I can pretty much run anything I want on it. It works fine, and everything loads fine... but it's got some sort of AMD P5 compatible "fanless" processor on it. It's lightning fast for DOS games (only does PC speaker). So a BBS should run just fine on it.


Are you going to do telnet, or are you literally going to hook up a 2400-56k modem and have people dial in?

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This isnt about finding a bbs program that runs in dos... Its about finding a computer that will run a DOS bbs program... Anything compiled with Turbo Pascal (which most were) will crash on anything faster than a p233... So I'm looking for a 286, 386, or 486 in a small form factor so it doesnt take up so much space..


I may just end up using a laptop...

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NEVER seen that sff dell in the link before... Very cool! Thank you for sharing - that could most certainly work..



They made a lot of them. I have one already which I use for some of my older games... but it's a really solid machine. I use it with an SSD, or DOM (Disk on Module), and it runs awesome.

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