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I'm getting some graphical glitches on Mame64


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In games where there is a lot of scrolling (Vs. Super Mario Bros. is a good example) it looks like the screen is cut at a certain point and the area above the "cut" has trouble keeping up with the bottom portion. It's not always in the same place, sometimes it's on the lower half of the screen, and sometimes it's on the upper half, and a lot of times it's in the middle, it kind of takes me out of the game.


Single screen games play just fine, since there's no scrolling of the background. It's not a huge deal since this is a free service, but I'm really curious what's causing it and if it's something I can correct.


I'm not currently posting the specs of my computer since it was a "hand me down" from a friend who built it himself, but if they're required I'll ask him.

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Sounds like screen tearing which happens on scrolling games. You can use a video syncing command (such as waitvsync) to attempt to eliminate this from showing up. Depending on the refresh rate of the machine being run in emulation, you may experience sound drops or stutters as the emulation syncs to the current display's Hz.

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Basically. MAME spits emulation out at the original known refresh rates when possible. CRTs are/were much more forgiving about such things in the past and had a wider range of frequencies it could operate. Nowadays, LCDs are often stuck at 60hz although that situation is slowly improving with GSync and Freesync video/monitor combinations which in many instances allow flawless adjustment to output display Hz with modern equipment.

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