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Complete list of TechTips, change orders, mods, etc?


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Has anyone compiled a list of all the tech tips, change orders, etc that Atari published to the field?

There is a good starting list here (stollen from M Current's site): http://mcurrent.name/manuals.html But I also know there were changes to the 5200, the CX55 etc in those service manuals and elsewhere.



Field Change Order #1 [photocopy]
Atari 810 Disk Drive, May 28, 1982
Rear Board, Molex Connectors Removal

Upgrade Bulletin #1 [photocopy]
Atari 400/800 Computers, May 28, 1982

[lack: Upgrade Bulletin #2]

Upgrade Bulletin #3 [photocopy]
Atari 810 Disk Drive, May 28, 1982
810 Disk Drive, ROM, Revision C

Tech Tip #1 [photocopy]
Atari 810 Disk Drive, April 2, 1982
Atari 810 Disk Drive, Rear Board Molex Connectors

Tech Tip #2 [photocopy]
Atari 400/800 Computers, May 28, 1982
Revision B, Operating System ROMS

[lack: Tech Tip #3]

Tech Tip #4 [photocopy]
Atari 810 Disk Drive, May 28, 1982
810 Disk Drive units containing the following:
o Data Separator Board added to sideboard.
o Sideboard stepper motor circuit voltage increase to regulated 12 volts DC.
o New power adaptor to provide increased current required by the above modifications.

Tech Tip #5
Atari 410 Recorder, 11/17/82
138, 140, and 143 Errors

Tech Tip #6
810 Analog Disk Drive, 11/17/82
Data Reliability on the 810 Analog Disk Drive

Tech Tip #7
Atari 810 Disk Drive, 11/17/82
Reformatting Preformatted Diskettes

Tech Tip #8
820 Printer, 11/17/82
Reset Problem

Tech Tip #9
410 Cassette Recorder, February 9, 1983
410 Cassette Recorders that register #143 error codes

Tech Tip #10
400/800 Computer, 02/22/83
Atari 400/800 System Lock-up

[lack: Tech Tip #11]

Tech Tip #12
Atari 1200XL Computer, June 16, 1983
Color Burst/Video Sync

Tech Tip #13
800 Computer, June 22, 1983
Keyboard Malfunctions

Tech Tip #14
400/800 Computers, June 7, 1983
Inoperative Defender™ Cartridges

Tech Tip #15
Atari 1200XL Computer, June 7, 1983
Audio Frequency (Sound) Drift

Tech Tip #16
Atari 810 Disk Drive, June 6, 1983
Incorrect 12 Voltage Regulator

Tech Tip #17
Atari 810 Analog Disk Drive, June 6, 1983
Diode Replacement at CR104, CR105

[lack: Tech Tip #18, July 12, 1983]

Tech Tip #18A [photocopy]
Atari 1200XL Computer OS, September 29, 1983
This Tech Tip Supercedes Tech Tip 18 Dated July 12, 1983
If customer difficulty with the SYSTEM RESET key is reported, replacement of the Rev. A O/S may be necessary

Tech Tip #19
Atari 1200XL CPU, August 15, 1983
No Picture on Star Raiders™.

[lack: Tech Tip #20]

Tech Tip #21
Atari 1050 Disk Drive, September 30, 1983
Consumers may experience problems booting some non-Atari software due to protection schemes used.


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