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My Arcade Retro Machine, tabletop?

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Don't know how this flew under my radar, saw it at Sueperstore today. At $40 CDN, it's a bit pricey I think but on clearance it may be interesting. 200 games that are basically hacks, by the look of it. Oddly enough, the reviews don't seem too terrible! I think it would be fun as a project, throw in another system....but who knows what those controls are like.


Anybody tried one?


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I've seen these recently on eBay when searching for Ultracade items. Seems cool enough but I've got way too many cool enough toys that just wind up sitting on my shelf. If you pick one up please post about it, they seem to have a few different style "cabinets".

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I have this one:


It's an earlier unit with a smaller screen (which is too small) and less powerful.

Games are about Famiclone quality; I didn't try many but haven't found anything too interesting.


I wouldn't recommend mine; I don't mind the simple games but the screen mangles some of the graphics and makes it hard to read text.


Looks like there's also a TV version for it:


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