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I am searching a TI document that contains the Grom chip numbers for all the released cartridges.


1015960-2204 PHM3055 Editor/Assembler


There is one list in the Cartridge Collector's Guide from Bill Gaskill (find it in The Cyc).

But I saw another document that listed these, and I think to remember it was more complete.

Thanks for your help.

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I have seen two documents with a list of GROM chips: an order form for the chips as spare parts (this list has a lot of the early US GROMs on it, and a list in the Troubleshooting Guide that also includes a lot of the European-release chips. I've been working on a more complete list using all of the boards that I have been removing from cartridges over the last couple of years, but it isn't done or all that useful yet, other than to bookmark the start and end points of the list. I am also identifying the part numbers for the mask ROMs for each cartridge that had them. I haven't seen those identified anywhere. . .

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