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Very simple .pc pictures viewer

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Dale Wick's bitmap pictures also known as .pc files are the PATTERN (6KB) and COLOR (6KB) data to be loaded in VRAM on any machine using TMS9918/28 video chip to display a fullscreen bitmap picture. Because of its simplicity, this format was adopted in the AtariMax Ultimate SD ColecoVision Multicart product and used to show a screenshot preview of games or to simply display nice various fullscreen pictures such as pixelart.


And here is a very simple program I wrote in Java to open .pc files on your PC computer.



Download (Java, Jar, Exe) : ColecoPictureViewer.zip


Some pictures in PC format : SomePCPictures.zip

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Can't get it to work. Just won't open. I updated my java to the latest version. Is it 32 bit maybe as I am 64bit

Try compiling the JAVA source code included.


Please note : This is a very simple program, no GUI with a file browser. You can drag and drop the .pc file on the executable or make your PC associate the .pc file extension to this program to open the pictures automatically when you double-click them.



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