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Vader's Revenge is bananas

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I played an arcade game today! And one I don't usually get to play, and don't have "at home" via ports or emulation. I burned up my Dave & Busters card and finally played every level of Star Wars Battle Pod. The last level, "Vader's Revenge," takes place after the Death Star explosion, but the super laser is intact. Vader is mad as hell and blows up Han Solo as well as all the surviving rebels, all by himself. It's like a dark side dream. Good times.


I see that someone is making a 2600 game along the same lines!


BTW the new Takodana level over the water is nice too. This game wouldn't hold up on its own at home, but it would be fun to have an omnibus of all the Star Wars arcade games in one (legit, licensed, commercial) package someday.

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