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Almost two years since the last list. Looks like the prediction of the great Homebrew Crash of 2016™ was right!

Hide the children! Run for the hills! Exit from the EU!

Nah... there's plenty of stuff happening. Some of it just takes awhile to materialize, since this is all done in peoples' spare time and all that.

Some of this is old. Some of it is new. Some of it is borrowed. Some of it is way overdue.

Wait... that's not quite how it goes. Eh, close enough.

Anyway... latest updates are in red.

Homebrews in development:

  • Scramble
    Box, label, manual artwork: Early concept stage.
    Game graphics: Completed.
    Development status: In progress.
    9-23-15: New homebrew project.
    10-9-15: Revealed as Scramble (demoed at PRGE).

    7-1-16: Added box, label and manual artwork to list.
  • Draconian
    Game graphics: In progress.
    Development status: On hold (will likely be moved to new bus-stuffing kernel).
    8-16-14: Moved to new To-Do list.
    9-26-14: Completed first pass at rotating enemy sprites.
    9-27-14: Created playfield font for score display, revised enemy sprites, updated damaged station graphics.
    10-9-14: First pass at explosion graphics done.
    10-13-14: Changed "station core opening" animations. Converting arcade level layouts over to Draconian. First 12 Midway levels are done.
    10-18-14: Midway and Namco "new version" levels now converted over. Most layouts are shared between the two sets, except for seven unique layouts added to the Namco version. Both sets get to a certain point, then just repeat the last six levels.
  • "Otis"*
    Game graphics: Early mockups.
    Development status: Early development.
    11-18-15: New homebrew project.
  • "Huey"*
    Game graphics: In progress.
    Development status: Early development.
    12-10-15: New homebrew project.
  • "YAUCG"*
    Game graphics: Early mockups.
    Development status: Early development.
    1-30-15: New homebrew project.
Homebrews not currently in development, but not completely dead, either:
  • 2600 Toolbox (tentative title)
    Description: At some point, I need to make a Stupid Game Ideas! entry for this. The idea is to vastly expand upon the idea of the Test Cart, including color calibration patterns, hardware tests, sound tests, and various patterns for checking color combinations, flickering, and so forth. The cart can be used to test consoles, set up TVs, and be used by homebrewers and artists while developing new games.
    Development status: I have a list of things I'd like to see in it, I just need to write it all up, then hope a developer finds it interesting enough to pursue. ;)
  • "Project Retro" *
    Graphics: In-progress.
    Development status: On hold. A speculative project akin to "Bruce" (see below). In early development with some working code.
  • "Gut Bomb" *
    Game graphics and level design: In progress.
    Development status: On hold.
  • RPS
    Game graphics, label and manual: All in progress, to varying degrees.
    Development status: On hold. Probably dead. Would like to reboot it as "RPS the RPG". How could you go wrong with an RPS-based role-playing game? ;)
  • "Bruce" *
    Game graphics: In progress. Mostly mock-ups.
    Development status: Purely a speculative project. Some early coding done by a few programmers. May or may not ever materialize.
Miscellaneous projects:
  • Stella at 20
    Unbelievably - this will see the light of day in one form or another very soon.
    7-4-16: In-progress
  • AtariAge
    Photoshop templates for homebrew images.
    10-16-15: In-progress

    Banners for something called "Facebook". Yeah, I don't know what that means, either.
    7-4-16: In-progress

    Labels for Trak-Ball hacks.
    7-4-16: Early concepts
  • Blog
    Finish up "Homebrew Art" series.
    3-10-14: In-progress

    More "Stupid Game Ideas".
    More homebreviews. Games should be arriving soon. After that, I figure I should be caught up on my reviews in 6 or 7 years.
  • Other
    Update old MacMAME.net video game movie reviews and redesign website. I'm paying for a domain name for it, after all.
    2600 Mods Comparison Project - Another project I need to get back to.
    The 2600RM. I want to build a custom, rack-mountable 2600. Could be expensive... could also be awesome.
    2600 Tron console mod. Yes - I want to make this happen for real.
* As always, project names that are in quotes are code-names, and not the actual titles.

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