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So during my intense choking problem and after it (I was able to finally drink water again at about 11pm last night), I had the idea to work on my homebrew Virtual Boy game "Action 54." It had been a while, the last time i worked on it was in May apparently. So one of the things I did was get rid of the Castle of Doom game, as I had been having problems with it. I was, though, determined to get rid of the problems plaguing my Candyman game. As it turned out, what finally got rid of the garbage that flashed on the screen whenever the A button was pressed, was to make the face a background and have the mouth be a separate thing. I tried this approach at about midnight, and it worked. Not only that, I solved the score flashing problem on real hardware. It's 6:11am as I'm writing this, so I've not had very much sleep because I went to sleep at 1:45 am on the couch. I'm still burping a lot, though. I got up at about 5:45am. I'm probably going to go back to sleep again.

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