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Gadgetz and Vopper unlimited lives patch


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A viewer saw one of my videos on Gadgetz and asked if I knew any cheats. I didn't know of any, so I decided to use the Applewin emulator debugger for the first time ever and see if I could patch it myself. I actually cheated and used Cheat Engine to find the lives address, fortunately the Apple IIe memory address was just the last few digits of the PC memory address returned by Cheat Engine. Once I had the lives address, I used the emulator debugger to set a breakpoint on the lives address which led me to finding the code that accesses that address. I tried changing the lives DEC to a NOP but that only worked on an enhanced Apple IIe, for some reason it crashed on a regular Apple IIe. Instead, I ended up changing an LDX to INC (I'm an ASM noob, so I can't even say why I did that but it had the result I wanted). Vopper didn't have that issue and changing DEC to NOP worked fine on all Apple IIe compatible systems.


Patched Apple IIe dsk image with unlimited lives for Gadgetz and Vopper: http://gtamp.com/misc/gadgetz-vopper-unlimited-lives.dsk


Video of the Vopper debug/patch process:


Gadgetz is actually a fun pixel perfect platforming game but there are so many precision jumps required that it seems like it would be impossible without unlimited lives.

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