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Atari Flashback Portable!

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So the AtGames Genesis will be a stripped down Retron5 then?


Not exactly. There'd be no dumping involved as far as I know, plus they'd be using their own emulator. It's more like a NES Mini with either cartridge or SD card support and legacy controller ports in addition to proper wireless. And again, I'm just saying don't assume that they'd necessarily be able to support adding features to external ROMs or cartridges. Obviously, I'll try to push for that to happen. Seems like a no-brainer if it's possible.

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Not sure how long it has been up, but Toys R Us has pre-orders up for the Atari Flashback Portable... I just pre-ordered it here for 39.99+tax (free shipping) :)




I had previously pre-ordered it from GameStop for 49.99 +tax + 4.99 shipping... I cancelled that one. :)


Anyway, less than two weeks to ship date! :D



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No sign of any AtGames product in the 2016 Dollar General Black Friday ad.


That's usually where I get buy each year's model at, so I wonder what changed.

I noticed this as well, I'm curious if Toys R Us is going to black friday the new atgames stuff.


Sent from my non beer holding hand.

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Once units start arriving in people's hands, it would make sense to put together a crowdsource list of which games do and do not work via the SD card slot. I am curious about "fixed" E.T. And 2600 Space Invaders better work!


2600 Space Invaders works fine. I haven't tried fixed ET.

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