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Fat Axl for Atari 7800

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Based on the memes of Axl Rose, I've made a small amount of copies of a Fast Food remake for the Atari 7800 titled, Fat Axl.

Please PM me or post to this thread if you're interested in a copy.


EDIT - IMPORTANT!- Don't use a Sega Genesis/Mega Drive controller. Otherwise you'll get a repetitive Game Over screen. Use a standard controller.



Cart reserved for:


1. neotokeo2001 - paid

2. toiletunes- paid

3. atarinut76 - paid

4. Mayhem- paid

5. davidcalgary29 - paid

6. davidcalgary29 - paid

7. mlcarm02 - paid

8. atarian63 - paid


9. atarian63 -paid

10. TAV - paid

11. mianrtcv -paid

12. masematte -paid

13. Sapicco - paid

14. fred - paid

15. gambler172 - paid

16. thanatos -paid

17. swlovinist -paid

18. TrekMD -paid

19. Marc Oberhauser -paid

20. Dauber - paid

21. Machine -paid

22. toymailman -paid

23. Smiley -paid

24. FibroFreak78 - paid






Here's Retrogamer81081's YouTube video on it:



Please PM me if you're interested in a cart.

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