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Art, Scans, and pure Awesome!


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I am in need of some high res box scans of third party games...


Or high res scans of some really superb manual covers...


Or anything that can be wall art.



Let me explain further... I am currently framing 8.5 x 11 prints of some gaming-related stuff for my dungeon. Currently I have a bunch of Intellivision stuff, some gaming award certificates, etc. I really want to fill all the gaps with really nice TI stuff that will fit into an 8.5 x 11 print with minimal borders.


See the pictures below for some of my current stuff.










I'm looking for some graphics for some good/great games that I can print and frame, in order to make my dungeon completely Badass.



Types of games I'm looking for are mostly RPG stuff... A high res scan of the ToD manual cover, high res scan of the Old Dark Caves manual, Wizard's Lair manual, etc.


Other types of games include space shooters that have a neat graphic manual, homebrews, etc. Anything that will accent my bleak dungeon and turn it into a shrine to greatness.


Any and all scans are appreciated, any and all suggestions are appreciated.... Help me if you can. :) Remember, the dimensions have to fit the frame, be they landscape or horizon-oriented.


Thanks in advance!

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Anyone had a chance to look through their files? Getting ready to do some printing and would love to print a few TI-related full size, full color prints for frames. :D


I had started a similar thread long time ago and never found anymore, I just discovered that it is in "developing" section :P


anyway if you like there are these two arts that I found nice:



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There are some really cool graphics at the Mainbyte side << HERE >> that you might want to check out. I liked the one of the TI motherboard so much I picked up a cheap little frame at Dollar Tree for a buck and put it up in the den.




If you want some 3D artwork, the Atari Age member called CRAZYCLIMBER has access to a CNC machine and makes some really nice looking plaques like the one shown below.




Some of the other guys here have example of his work as well.

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Nice guys, thanks!


So, it's been a while now. What did you end up with?

I'm looking for some new artwork to put up in my den as well.


At first I surprised there were not more high-quality 'larger format' images available for the TI that one could use in their game rooms / dens. On further reflection It does make sense. BITD we didn't have massive amounts of memory to play with all the photos and scans, like we take for granted now days.

Every now and then someone comes up with something cool though.

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