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Re Altirra, a just incase I've missed it question?


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Is there any easy way to scan through memory for graphic data ie if you wanted to rip a game map data wise.


I'm too stupid and old in the tooth these days to write an adjustable display list for all the relevant modes and all that goes with it...


Failing that, I'd imagine Ominvore etc would do it direct from disk...Sadly not so handy if the data is crunched on the disk..


I just ask as the debugger in Altirra is just way too over my head so I don't know what a lot of the commands do (yeah I know there's a help for commands option) :)


Just in case sitting in there is something like it?


If not then there's bound to be another way and if anyone can suggest one I'd appreciate it..


Its not that I'm likely to do much with the data that is ground breaking but its a feature I loved from the Action replay on C64 & Amiga and used it for pictures etc..

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