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Pyxidis for Colecovision

Tony Cruise

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Another one of my original titles for MSX and the original Spectravideo machines, was called Pyxidis. It is a vertically scrolling shooter, with two layer scrolling and a few levels to work through.

As I was limited to 12.5k for both code and runtime RAM back in the day, so the game could run on the SVI-318, the original game only contained three levels, had limited enemy variety.

So instead of just converting the original game over to the Colecovision, I have been slowly adding more to the original game, plus also use some newer techniques to both increase clarity, colours and reduce sprite flicker.

The game also now runs faster on a stock Colecovision than it did in the original version.

Rather than having large periods where you don't get updates, I will try and post a new video and/or screen shots once a month for each of my titles on the appropriate thread here and on my Facebook page.

Here is a video of the current state of the game (video captured with CoolCV - which does an awesome job by the way).



Pyxidis - Coleco - 2016-07-11.mp4


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Oh wow, doesn't time fly when you are having fun.  Is it really six years since I started this thread!  This is just me having a day off for once and catching up on a few things.


A quick update on the conversion of my most popular selling game from the mid 80's (1987 in fact), here is the state of Pyxidis converted to run on a ColecoVision. Dare I say actually running faster than the original, more colours, ship drop shadow, colour cycles for the bullets to make them easier to see.

Still some quite obvious bugs, and probably a bit mean to start with (my games really were hard back in the day!).

More to come...


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