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Atari 2600 AV Color Problem


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Hello everybody. I need some help......

I just AV modded my 2600 and when I would turn it on or screw with the video wire, (on and off the contact) the picture would flash in color and then would revert to this:



BUT when I would put pressure on the wire onto the plate the picture would revert to color. I thought that the wire trace was broken so I repaired it, which didn't make much of a difference except putting pressure onto that general are would produce color.

post-47255-0-17459500-1468337488_thumb.jpg post-47255-0-58607500-1468337499_thumb.jpg



I though it could be a resistor, so I removed it, which didn't solve the color problem but made the picture clearer.


I would appreciate any tips or help, I think that this problem has to do more with the PCB than anything else.....


Thanks Again!



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