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SpiceWare's Blog - Stay Frosty, Part 8


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Thomas Jentzsch and I had a brief discussion about the snowman's movement:



Thomas: I'd like the snowman's movement a bit more "realistic" (e.g. with a bit acceleration and inertia).



Me: Hmm, hadn't thought about that. Any sample source you can suggest for me to take a look at?

Revisions to the movement would start a few days later and would undergo a number of iterations to get it just right.


I added some playfield color changes so the ice blocks would match Nathan's mockups (as seen in part 1), and did a number of other changes:




Changes since prior build:

  • "8" levels (variations for testing, not official levels)
  • elevator platforms lift/lower Frosty
  • sliding platforms move Frosty & fireballs
  • Moon
  • preliminary sound
  • ice melting rate dependent upon time of day
  • colored ice
  • scoring - 10 points per ice block, less for melted ice block






Blog entry covers November 20, 2007

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