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atari2600land's Blog - A Clean Start with CLEAN_START


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I thought I had everything perfect. I hadn't been using the CLEAN_START macro and everything was working fine, up until today. I was so angry because the stupid game wasn't displaying anything on real hardware yet working perfectly fine on Stella. How? WHY?! I tried a whole bunch of things. None of them worked. I was looking through, comparing my code with Collector. I decided to go at the start and work my way down. I saw CLEAN_START. I looked at my code. It had no CLEAN_START. So I erased the code I had and in its place put CLEAN_START. I put it on my Harmony cart thinking it still wouldn't show anything, but what do you know? It did. I thought my Harmony cart was broken. I downloaded a ROM on the website. I put it in. It worked. Mine didn't. I was so angry I was yelling profanities. I was so angry I probably would have broken my 2600 because it wasn't working right. I knew it had to be my code, but I didn't know what. I have absolutely no idea how to display a score. I want a score like the one in Superman: A four-digit one on top of the screen in the early Atari score font. I think I can make this 2k, but I have absolutely no idea how much room I have left of the 2k. Well, I did have to move Mr. Celery down to the bottom of the screen. He was just taking up too much room up there. I have 21 bytes left in Overscan, so I'm hoping it will be enough to display a score and for collision detection, and make the vegetarians go faster the longer you play it.

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